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Jaya Schuerch

Selected artist profile information for this contemporary Italian Sculptor
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Sculptor Jaya Schuerch
Jaya Schuerch

About Jaya Schuerch

Jaya`s studio in Pietrasanta is tucked up against the marble mountains, where she learned to carve marble and stone, and has made her life in Italy, Switzerland and USA.
Sculptor Jaya Schuerch
Jaya at New Hampshire sympoium

Exhibition History of Jaya Schuerch

1988 - Art Corner Gallery, Santa Barbara, California, USA
1989 - "Scultura al femminile", Group show, Studio d`Arte La Subbia, Lido di Camaiore, IT
1990 - Vista Nova Galerie, Zurich, CH
1991 - "Scultura oltra frontiera", Group Show, Studio d`Arte La Subbia, IT
1991 - "Facing our worst fears", Public Art Installation, Santa Barbara, California, USA
1991 - "Witness", Personal show, mixed media, Art City, Ventura, California, USA
1992 - "Ombra e Luce", Personal show, Studio d`Arte La Subbia, Pietrasanta, IT
1993 - National Bank of France, Group show, Gap, F
1994 - "Le Forme del Mare", Group show, Marina di P`santa, IT
1994 - Vista Nova Galerie, Zurich, CH
1995 - Hyposwiss Bank, Zurich, CH
1996 - "Arte alla Badia", Group show, Camaiore, IT
1997 - Vista Nova Galerie, Zurich, CH
1998 - "Evolution des Bewußtseins", Personal show, Vogtei Galerie, Herrliberg, CH
2000 - Personal show, Galerie Atelier, Bern, CH
2002 - "Asart 2002", Group show, Pietrasanta, IT
2002 - Personal show, Vista Nova Galerie, Zurich, CH
2002 - "Arte nel Cortile", Studio d`Arte La Subbia, Pietrasanta, IT
2002 - "The Aesthetics of Gravity",Personal show, Pietrasanta, IT
2003 - "SUST" Kulturzentrum Stansstad, CH
2003 - "The Aesthetics of Gravity", Personal show, Galerie Schürer, Lägern Kalksteinbrüche AG, Regensberg, CH
2003 - Group show, Hualien, Taiwan
2004 - "Sculptures on the Zurichberg", Galerie Wirth, Zurich, CH
2004 - "Exploded Spheres", Personal show, Uster, CH
2005 - "2 + 1 = 16", Group show, Studio Pescarella, IT
2006 - "Luce e Gravità", Travelling Group show:

• Kunststation Kleinsassen, GER

• Museum Stadt Bad Hersfeld, GER

• Villa Vogel, Florence, IT
2006 - Group show, Munsingen, CH
2006 - "Licht und Schatten", Group show, Gersau, CH
2006 - "10 +1 = 3 Babilonia Passaparola", Group show, Studio Pescarella, IT
2007 - Galerie für Gegenwartskunst, Elfi Bohrer, Bonstetten, CH
2008 - "SIEMM Symposium", Group show, Museum of Modern Art, Monterrey, MEX
2008 - "G`08 Mostra di scultura all`aperto", Vira Gambarogno, CH
2010 - "Donna scultura", Group show, Pietrasanta, IT
2011 - Galerie für Gegenwartskunst, Elfi Bohrer, Bonstetten, CH
2011 - "Die Leichtigkeit des Seins", Galerie für Gegenwartskunst, Elfie Bohrer, Bonstetten, CH
2012 - "Donna Scultura, 10a edizione", Chiesa di San Agostino, Pietrasanta, IT
2012 - The Cedars, Adelaide Hills, Australia
2013 - Galerie für Gegenwartskunst, Elfi Bohrer, Bonstetten, CH

Jaya on forklift

Biography / CV of Jaya Schuerch

1958 - Born in Stana Barbara, California, USA
1972 - Move to Berne, Switzerland with family
1977 - Matura from the Kantonsschule Oerlikon in Zurich, Switzerland
1978/80 - Studies in Mechanical Enginnering at the Eidgenossische, Technische Hochschule in Zurich
1981 - Travels in Asia
1982/84 - Studies in Batany, Biology and Art at Santa Barbara City College
1984/86 - Artist assistant in Ira Ono and Be Jones in Volcano, Hawaii
1986 - Apprenticeship in sculpture restoration at Cloverleaf Studios in Santa Barbara
1988 - Return to Italy, full time occupation as artist
2001 - Foundation of personal art studio, Studio Pescarella in Pietrasanta

Jaya in Mosan, South Korea

Awards and Prizes of Jaya Schuerch

1995 - Brissons Veor Artists Trust, St Just, England, Artist`s Residency
2001 - Cassinelli-Vogel Foundation, Artist`s Grant
2002 - Alexander Foundation, Project Grant
2002 - Ernst und Olga Gubler-Hablützel Foundation, Project Grant


1992 - 1st International Sculpture Symposium in Vorno, Italy
1993 - International Painting and Sculpture Symposium, Gap, France
1996 - 9th International Sculpture Symposium in Teulada, Sardinia, Italy
1998 - 5th International Monumental Sculpture Symposium, Yuzi Paradise Park, Guilin, China
1999 - Woodcarving Symposium on the Rigi, Switzerland
2000 - International Granite Sculpture Symposium, Ben Amira, Mauritania
2000 - Woodcarving Symposium on the Uetliberg for the Mädchenhaus, Zürich, Switzerland
2001 - 5. International Granite Sculpture Symposium, Laongo, Burkina Faso
2003 - 5. International Sculpture Symposium in Hualien, Taiwan
2005 - 8. International Symposium in Icheon, South Korea
2005 - Andres Institute of Art, Brookline, New Hampshire, USA
2006 - International Monumental Sculpture Symposium, Mosan Museum, Boryeong, South Korea
2007 - SIEMM International Marble Sculpture Symposium, Monterrey, Mexico
2008 - Almazan International Sculpture Symposium, Spain
2012 - Adelaide Hills International Sculpture Symposium, Australia

Acquisitions / Collections of work by Jaya Schuerch

Since 1998, I have been showing internationally in personal and group shows, in private collections in the USA, Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, England, Taiwan, China and Africa.

City of Vorno, Italy
City of Gap, France
City of Teulada, Sardinia, Italy
Yuzi Paradise Park, Guilin, China
Sculpture Park at Ben Amira, Mauritania
Laongo Sculpture Park, Burkina Faso
Chianti Sculpture Park, Italy
Eyemann Sculpture Garden, Idyllwild Arts, California, USA
Vogtei in Herrliberg, Zürich, Switzerland
Sterns and Fisher Investment Co., Los Angeles, California, USA
HypoSwiss Bank, Zürich, Switzerland
DuchampsArt Co. LTD, Taiwan
East Rift Valley National Scenic Area Administration, Hualien County, Taiwan
Seolbong Park, Icheon, South Korea
Andres Institute of Art, Brookline, New Hampshire, USA
Mosan Museum, Boryeong, South Korea
Monterrey, Mexico
Alamazan, Spain
San Nazzaro, Switzerland
Monte Tamaro, Switzerland
Museo dei Bozzetti, Pietrasanta, Italy
Mount Barker, Australia

Public Works of Jaya Schuerch

Since 1998, I have been showing internationally in personal and group shows, in public collections in USA, Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, England, Taiwan, China and Africa.

Publications / Media / Bibliography of Jaya Schuerch

BIBLIOGRAPHY - Selected Publications

1990 - Scultura al femminile: Studio d`Arte La Subbia, Italy
1990 - Ritratti d`artisti: Studio d`Arte La Subbia, Italy
1991 - Oltra le frontiera: Studio d`Arte La Subbia, Italy
1992 - Ombra e Luce: Personal Catalogue, Studio d`Arte La Subbia, Italy
1993 - Sculture in Versilia: L. Gerut
1993 - Le Forme del Mare: L. Gerut and E. Botti
1995 - Encyclopedia of Sculpting Techniques: John Plowman, Quatro Inc.
1996 - Damn Fine Art, New Lesbian Artists: Cherry Smith, Cassell Publishers
2000 - 3rd Guilin Yuzi Paradise International Sculpture Symposium: Catalogue
2000 - Sculptures sur granit: Article in le Figaro Magazine, April 21 2000, Beatrice Comte
2000 - Captured in Marble: Article in Diva Magazine, May 2000, Spike Katz
2000 - Symposium de sculpture sur roche a Ben Amira (Mauritanie)
2001 - Form in Movement: Personal catalogue
2001 - Wege des Ausbruchs: Documentation of Symposium on the Uetliberg
2001 - Die, No.20, Summer 2001, Zürich, Switzerland
2002 - Asart 2002: Group catalogue
2003 - The Aesthetics of Gravity, Personal catalogue, Petratedizioni, Italy
2004 - The Chianti Sculpture Park: Enrico Crispolti, Brenda Moore-McCann (art critic),
2004 - Edizioni Parco Scultura del Chianti, Italy
2005 - Catalogue of the 8th International Sculpture Symposium in Icheon, South Korea
2005 - Il contemporaneo nel paesaggio toscano, Siena, Italy
2006 - Catalogue of group show in Münsigen, Switzerland
2008 - G`08 Mostra di scultura all`aperto, Vira Gambarogno Catalogue
2010 - Astratto Monumental, scultura contemporanea in marmo, cura di Valentina Fogher, Fondazione Arkad
2010 - Donna Scultura, 8a edizione, Catalogue

Teaching Experience

1996 - Stone Carving Master Class at Idyllwild Arts, Idyllwild, California, USA
1998 - Stone Carving Master Class at Idyllwild Arts
2000 - Stone Carving Master Class at Idyllwild Arts
2002 - Marc Adams School, Indiana, USA
2002 - Stone Carving Master Class at Idyllwild Arts
2008 - Stone Carving Course, Ballenberg, Bern, Switzerland

Price Range of Work

Jaya Schuerch's work has a price range from £1,667 to £4,107

Mediums utilised

Jaya Schuerch's work is found in the following materials:

Artwork Categorised

Jaya Schuerch's work is found in the following categories on site:
Indoor Inside Interior Abstract Contemporary Modern Sculpture / statue / statuette / figurine (5)
Abstract Modern Contemporary Sculptures Statues statuettes figurines statuary (4)
Minimalist Understated Abstract Contemporary Sculpture statuary statuettes (3)
Modern Abstract Contemporary Avant Garde Sculptures or Statues or statuettes or statuary (3)
Organic / Abstract Sculpture (3)
Interior, Indoors, Inside Sculpture (2)
Varietal cross section of Floral, Fruit and Plantlife Sculpture
Light and Sound sculpture
Focal Point Abstract Contemporary Modern sculpture statue
Humorous Witty Amusing Lighthearted Fun Jolly Whimsical Sculptures Statues statuettes figurines
Spherical Globe like Ball shaped Round Abstract Contemporary sculpture statue statuette
Abstract Contemporary Modern Outdoor Outside Garden / Yard Sculptures Statues statuary
Carved Stone, Marble, Alabaster, Soap Stone Granite Lime stone
Round Disk, Dish, Flat Circular Ring Shaped Sculptures / Statues statuette statuary
Tabletop Desktop Small Indoor Statuettes Figurines Sculptures
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"All my life as an artist I have asked myself: What pushes me continually to make sculpture? I have found the answer. art is an action against death. It is a denial of death. "
Jacques Lipchitz
Customer comment on 'Washer Woman (Young females Torso Shiny Wall Hangings)' by Shaun Gagg
I have received my `Washer Woman` in the post today, safe and sound,
Very Pleased with her.
Excellent service from yourselves, wont hesitate to use you again,
Many thanks
Lovely piece at a very reasonable price, better than the photograph, and I
appreciate being kept informed by email.
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Mr R. Chisholm, Morayshire, United Kingdom.